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At ATES Consulting, we work with our customers and partners to design, build, run and support your solutions in the most efficient way.

We’re here for your projects: AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Telecom / IoT / IPTV and more.

Who are we?


At ATES Networks, we have been serving the IT Industry since 2010.

We have built and delivered Telecom / Media / IoT solutions to Tier-1 service providers in Europe, APAC and US, enabling them to deliver the highest customer experience and quality of service to millions of users and process more than 3 bn transactions each year.

“Smart devices from top brands … VIAROOM Smart”



Official Google CES 2020 press release


VIAROOM is the IoT business unit of ATES

Media & Telecom


We have built Aurora Cloud – a feature-rich, off-the-shelf SaaS OSS/BSS cloud solution – in order to help you instantly monetize your Telecom, IPTV, OTT and IoT services.

Our team is here to help you design and build your solutions, monetize your services and serve millions of users. We can get you up and running in a short lapse of time with a proven, secure, scalable and future-proof solution.

SaaS & Cloud


80% of our customers are running products developed by ATES in cloud: be it private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud.

Our teams are here to advise and recommend, design and build your cloud solution for Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS or other providers based on you requirements.

Multi-region, security, DRC, latency, scalability, privacy, … are key factors we’re factoring in when advising and assisting you build your digital strategy and cloud infrastructure.



When we help you create the AI which perfectly fits your business needs, we rely on the experience aquired in the past 7 years.

We’ve learned how to create the best AI first by doing it: our teams have designed and developed unique AIs for our own products. For example we’ve developed Viaroom Home, one of the most powerful self-learning AI for the IoT industry (recognized by CNET, Google and other Partners and customers as one of the most evolved AI in the IoT industry).

Based on the experience acquired, we can help you now leverage the power of AI for your business.



ATES has served for the past 15 years many Telecom & Media customers around the world.

The security our our Customers and their Users’ data has always been a paramount concern for us and we have developed our internal methodology for enabling the Board of Directors to quantify the cybersecurity risks at all the levels of the company.

Our consulting teams are here to help you design and build the best IT security and operating procedures for your business.

“VIAROOM uses AI learning to predict smart home activity”




VIAROOM is the IoT business unit of ATES



Internet of Things technology is a must for today’s development of any city. If you’re ready to embrace the IoT revolution, our teams are ready to support you.

Moreover, thanks to 5G and next-generation connectivity, IoT technology is set to grow at a strong pace. ATES has designed major B2B and B2C IoT projects, where AI has played a central role. Together with major partners such as Google, Bosch and Honeywell we have provided innovative AI-powered solutions to the smart cities industry.

International operations


Our consulting team, primarily based in France and Romania, has a strong experience in Telecom, AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, multi-million users architectures handling multi-billion transactions yearly.

We’re here for your projects and we’re structured to support your projects in a short lapse of time, with an efficient cost structure.

At a glance

14 years

HQ in Paris, France

Telco grade

3 bn transactions / year


Average project delivery (months)

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24 / 7 / 365 Operations




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