AI for Telecom and Media


We have built Aurora Cloud – a feature-rich, off-the-shelf SaaS OSS/BSS cloud solution – in order to help you instantly monetize your Telecom, IPTV, OTT and IoT services.



At ATES Networks, we have been serving the IT Industry since 2010.

We have built and delivered Telecom / Media / IoT solutions to Tier-1 service providers in Europe, APAC and US, enabling them to deliver the highest customer experience and quality of service to millions of users and process more than 3 bn transactions each year.

TV Monetization

Single Sign-On


Aurora Cloud provides the perfect foundation for greenfield or established service providers.

The platform is based on a 360° Subscriber Management solution, highly secure, providing oAuth and OpenID secure authentication, 15+ real-time security layers, Geoblocking, GDPR compliancy, Policy flow engine with Visual policy Editor and more.



The OSS/BSS product suite includes a fully-featured CRM with advanced management for all telecom and media entities: Users, Devices, Subscriptions, Invoices, XDR transactions, Ticketing and more.



ServicesWall™ is a technology patented by ATES, enabling users to have immediate access to all their services, no matter if they are connecting from an intelligent Set-top box (STB), Smart TV, mobile device, wearable or PC / MAC. ServicesWall provides a responsive Self-service front-end providing User, Device and Subscription management, Payment, Invoice handling, Ticketing, FAQ and more.

Monetization Engine


Developed by ATES, the Monetization engine enables a wide range of business models ranging from OTT, IPTV, LiveTV, VOD, 5G & WiFi, IoT and can be deployed as a stand-alone OSS/BSS module or integrated with your existing infrastructure.

The Monetization engine convers all Billing and Invoicing aspects, Payments, Subscriptions, Promotions, VAT, refunds, Accounts receivable (AR) and more for a wide range of business models including B2B, B2C, B2B2C.

Aurora Cloud


Turn-key OSS/BSS

Next-gen OSS/BSS


Hosted in a secure telco-grade private cloud, in your region (FEU, US and Singapore), the ATES Aurora Cloud instantly provides all the required security, functionalities and APIs to get you up and running in days rather than months, at a cost-effective monthly rate.

Aurora Cloud provides a wide connectivity for easy integration into heterogeneous environments: Soap/REST, OAuth, OpenID, Diameter, Radius, … It perfectly addresses convergent billing and mobility monetization requirements, enables quick development of innovative services while preserving their existing investments.



ATES continuously innovates and creates technologies which enable our customers to instantly deliver and monetize new services to their subscribers while providing a premium user experience.

Watch Party, Seamless user Connect, Smart Home self-learning AI are a few examples of latest technology brought to our customers.

At a glance

14 years

HQ in Paris, France

Telco grade

3 bn transactions / year


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24 / 7 / 365 Operations